Alas poor Scooby.. :(

With Harry Potter going from strength to strength, and repeated re-imaginings of the classic Potter sets, I often wonder if Themes like Scooby-doo and Monster Fighters were prematurely benched.

Scooby-Doo, ( ) had so much more to give – Nephew Scrappy or Uncle Horton, a monster hunting scientist, could have opened up another wave of monster-driven sets.
As could the surprising amount of LEGO Scooby-Doo media (3 movies, 12 cartoons and of course the Dimensions story-arc)

Reading the list of quirky relatives below, there’s at least another wave worth of sets!

( )

Ready for a revisit are the small Pull-back Racers – a full dragster-style track set-up would’ve been nice, and maybe more stunt layouts or car upgrade packs.. better wheels, different motors with varying stamina/acceleration/duration/speed etc..
Banger racing would’ve been a laugh too!

I’m particularly upset about the retirement of Mixels and semi-retirement of Brickheadz though. Some of their designs had amazing artistry, taking LEGO back to the ‘good ole’ creative days that Creator 3in1 sets are trying to recapture at the moment.
Al-la Funko’s Mini Mystery Blind Boxes, ( maybe LEGO could’ve made mini-mystery versions of their popular Brickheadz

Lastly, it would be great for a proper wave of Doctor Who – we had the teaser Ideas set, then the Dimensions bits.. but how much more fun would it be to build scenes from the classic stories.. Psychic Circus, with crazy clowns, Dalek battles with Daveros or a 1940’s military set with the Commander.. the scope is endless, though I’d wager the required copyright license fees wouldn’t be cheap.

I was wondering the other day if even the Blind bag CMF Minifigures’ days could be numbered? – what is a good number to end a series with, not 19, but 20 or 25?

..I sincerely hope not!

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