Business to Business (B2B) LEGO Supplies

As we are official LEGO retailers, we have supplied 100,000+ of sets, pieces and minifigures to many companies. We specialise in supplying wholesale LEGO for corporate and business events to help employers engage with and train staff, also to help them have a little fun as who doesn’t love playing with LEGO?!?!

If you would like to receive any further information regarding this, or have any queries, please Contact us for details of any of the below or for a list of our happy clients:

Industry – supplying pre-packed and bespoke mini kits for training and project work.

Many work places like to take time out with their employees and have a little fun with building and training exercises. LEGO themselves have a program called LEGO Serious Play. More can be found out about this program here! 

Training programs such as this can increase productivity and build/improve relationships between colleagues enhancing the workplace!
For example we have supplied 10,000 LEGO 30541 Polybag sets for the “What the Duck” Communication Course.

Resellers & Convention Exhibitors – LEGO  sets differ throughout the world, the UK & Europe are lucky to have a wider selection of promotional and mini sets available. We supply many convention exhibitors and retailers with these exclusive LEGO sets and magazines in bulk. We can supply regular or Ad-hoc mixed boxes of foil packs, polybags, Minifigures & cover-gifted magazines at extremely competitive prices. We also offer worldwide expedited shipping on all bulk orders to ensure your products reach you safely and on time.

Marketing companies – sourcing bulk specifically-chosen LEGO Minifigures or build-your-own bins of 1000s of minifigures for PR events. Advertising your brand with the LEGO brand can a very effective way of promoting and bolstering your business and services to the wider public. Whether it be a keyring or some printed bricks, you’d be surprised at the effect this can have on your marketing.
For example we have supplied over 10,000 Minifigures to an international convention to be used in Instagram marketing.

Schools + Education – supplying LEGO Education sets / bulk accessories and mini sets for all ages. LEGO is a great educational tool for all ages, whether you intend to use them to keep younger children occupied and build dexterity with tiny hands or for older children setting architectural challenges to build certain projects it can all be done with LEGO and we can help supply the parts and ideas for you.
We have also supplied schools with pre-made fundraising packs with excellent profit margins for PTFA events.
For example we supplied a £400 pack of 200x small LEGO sets and keyrings with a resale value of over £1000.

Weddings – creating customised gift bags and wedding favours for their special day. There are endless possibilities to celebrate your big day with. From cake toppers, to bride and groom LEGO minifigure lookalikes. Wedding favours and gift bags for all of your guests. Make sure your wedding goes down in history with the use of LEGO. We can supply bulk personalised items such as Minifigures printed with guest names on or even little models to slip into your guests thank you bags for them to build.

Charities – wholesaling smaller sets with good profit margins for resale plus bespoke printed/engraved items and Minifigures for prizes. As charities are so important with the work that they do if you have a registered charity number and are wanting to use LEGO to either give away or promote your charity please get in touch to see what we can supply you with at a special price for your charity.
For example we support local sports teams and schools with sponsorship, fundraisers and vouchers for raffle prizes.

Parties and Events – supplying polybag sets and LEGO themed gift bags for all occasions (Birthdays/Christmas/football/celebrations). Let’s face it, what party is complete without LEGO involved? We can supply you with small building sets in bulk to entertain the parties and events that you will be hosting. From mini builds to LEGO animals there are 100’s of things that you can use to entertain the guests.
Our LEGO lucky dips are a fantastic idea for party bag fillers.

Events – supplying / hiring LEGO bins with 1000s of pieces for creative parties. Are you hosting an event? Want a LEGO free build exercise available for everyone to delve into and build to their hearts content? These have become hugely popular over the last few years and people love the idea of building from their imagination with no instructions.

Employee Incentives + Rewards – providing gift baskets / gift vouchers or smaller individualised mini-boxes for 5-500 employees. Giving back to your employees can be a key part in keeping your work force happy. Whether it’s a gift for your employees for reaching a target or an alternative way to say thank you to individuals for going above and beyond their role. It’s sure to go down a treat.

If you require any further information please feel free to Contact us for further details of any of the above or for a list of our happy clients!