Bricking it…..

How many times do we hear the word feedback? It’s synonymous with eBay and its associated ecommerce, but nowadays it’s everywhere from sandwich shops to truck drivers.

The problem is, depending upon platform, it is more or less important..

As a sandwich maker, it’s a guideline for the shop to decide how to improve;

As a driver, it’s an important safety tool to ensure your company’s vehicle is being used safely and appropriately;

As an Amazon seller, it’s a 3-strikes-and-you’re-out, business over, bank foreclosure, home repossession.

Would you throw a brick through the window of a shop who sold you a cold pie? Or a mouldy orange? Or a LEGO set with a piece missing?

Would you burn down someone’s shop and destroy their (and their staff’s) entire livelihood because your item arrived late?

Anonymous feedback is a powerful consumer weapon, garnering the immediate attention of someone in a position to refund your purchase without question.

But is it right? Should this Super-power be wielded? Where does it stop?

..and more importantly, why don’t we use this power for good? To make sellers feel good about themselves?
As well we know, the best way to get the most out of someone, is by praise.

Positivity is something close to our hearts here at The Minifigure Store – we love going the extra mile for our customers, free gifts, sweets, competitions.. making you happy 🙂

The online world will be a happy place when we see through the anonymity of Internet and remember we are all just people connecting.

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