Challenging Times…..

This is a guest post by a VERY happy customer!

Well how are we all doing? With official government advice still the same as it was all those weeks ago, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well?

I’ve got to be honest, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed in the last few days, some days are better than others and then from nowhere it just becomes really hard work. This has made me realise it’s more important than ever to be kind, not only to ourselves but to our families who are being forced to
spend every hour of every day with us!

At the start of lockdown we started out well with the best of intentions, filling our days with exercise, new found hobbies, crafts and and watching every film ever made, but this new routine didn’t last long and we soon fell into a heap of screaming tantrums, door slamming and tears!

So if there’s one thing I have learnt these past couple of weeks, it is little and often and to try and manage my expectations. Be easy on yourself and those around you. If it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done, it really doesn’t matter. Remember most important of all, this will pass!

So with the stress getting to us all this week, we decided to take it easy with some Mini Mystery boxes and a Minifigure Lucky Dip from The Minifigure Store.

The Mini Mystery boxes are a surprise box that includes over £15 worth of LEGO for less than £10. It contains a selection of retired series Minifigures, collectable Minifigures, polybags, limited edition foil packs, split sets, retired key chains & more!

The Mini Mystery boxes are changed each month ensuring no two are the same. They can be ordered direct from The Minifigure Store website, as a single box or a pack of two, discounted to £18.99.

The Lucky Dip Minifigures are also available through the website and are sold in packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 and each come with an accessory. We ordered a pack of ten which works out just less than £1.00 per minifigure. I was really pleased with the variety of figures and some were a welcome familiar face.

The boys were not disappointed either! They were a big hit in our house and just what we needed, a little light distraction to spark our imaginations.
You could make life even easier for yourself and sign up for the subscription service which will send a new Mini Mystery box out to you each month and it includes a free Minifigure as a reward.

The boys were really excited opening the first Mini Mystery box which contained a Jurassic World polybag, Limited edition Star Wars AT-ST foil, LEGO New York keyring and Credance Barebone from the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts collectible Minifigure Series.

The second Mini Mystery box was a subscription box, this included The LEGO Movie polybag, Unikitty collectible Minifigure series, Star Wars Limited edition Landspeeder foil, Red Brick Guy from the collectible Minifigure series 18, and our freebie Minifigure – the alien from the Disney
collectable Minifigure series.

The boys loved playing with them and the figures have fitted in well to their ever growing collection.
Thank you The Minifigure Store for coming to the rescue and helping the boys and of course letting me have that coffee in peace!

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