Ace-y DC! Super Heroes LEGO Minifigures Series Finally Revealed!

Holy Whiskers Batman…

…we’ve got the 1st look at the Official LEGO DC Minifigures images from LEGO!
These Super minifigure blindbags launch on the 1st Jan 2020 and are a homage to the early comic book appearances of all our favourite Super Heroes. 
LEGO has returned to the standard 16-figure sets again for series 71026 – there are a few couple of reincarnations of the usual figures, but they’ve added some new ones we’ve never seen in minifigure form!
Heres a brief rundown, with their official images and LEGO names:
Batman™ – (Golden age costume) with Batrang accessory
Wonder Woman™ – (Golden Age costume) with The Lasso of Truth
Superman™ – (Rebirth) with newspaper
The Joker™ – (Dark Knight Returns) with candy floss
Huntress™ – (Helena Wayne) with crossbow
The Cheetah™ – (Priscilla Rich) with a sack of money
Aquaman™ – (Harpoon Hand) with a green fish to hold 
Bat-Mite™ – with a comic book (Detective Comic #27)
BUMBLEBEE – with electric bolts
Cyborg™ – (Silver Age costume) with a chain weapon
The Flash™ – (Jay Garrick) with lightning bolt
Green Lantern™ – (Simon Baz) with power battery and ring
Metamorpho™ – with fist weapon
Mister Miracle™ – with handcuffs and chains
Sinestro™ – (Silver Age costume) with power battery and ring
Stargirl™ – with The Cosmic Staff
Verdict – looking at the original poorer images of the early leaks, I was a little underwhelmed by this series,  but these new pictures have brought them to life – I think the classic Batman, Joker and Wonder Woman will be the most popular as they look soooo cool!
On the whole, I think the set will look AMAZING in a frame and have great play-value too – although the heroes will far outnumber the villains this time, I can see sales of our henchmen and baddies minifigures going through the roof to even out the battles! 
You can Pre-order full sets of 16x minifigures from The Minifigure Store via this link
Don’t forget to use the discount code DCMPRE which gives 20% off the full price

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