Engraved LEGO Products

Not only are we proud to bring you our first Blog post but also very excited to bring the news of the arrival of our brand new range of Engraved LEGO products for every occassion.
We have been in talks with one of the UK’s largest LEGO engraving companies to bring LEGO engraving to all of our customers. We have worked so hard to make this available as many customers have been requesting this from day one, and at The Minifigure Store we aim to please and on this occassion, especially, i believe we have.

After months of talks and price negotiations, we have managed to bring these products to you. Whether you want a custom engraved minifigure or a cake topper you don’t need to worry we’ve got it covered.These have only been available for 1 week so far and we have had an amazing response for these products already. Many customisable options are available for all of our engraving products so you really can create a Mini-You! Choose your own Hair, Head, Torso Colour, Leg Size and Colour. These are definately the perfect gift for the LEGO enthusiast!
All Minifigures and Bricks supplied are official LEGO parts so you can rest assured that you are buying the highest quality possible. The engraving technique used gives the impression of almost a printed item without the chance of it being rubbed away easily, and also allows us to add Logo’s to your products instead of Text if required.

After much deliberation we have even been given exclusive access to the Christmas Bauble with Engraved Minifigure, and starting at only £7.50 what a bargain! But get your orders in quick as surely you want it straight on your Christmas Tree as soon it goes up this year. You can guarantee to have one happy LEGO fan, whether it be a child or AFOL, once you present them with this amzing little treat.

For any Bulk or Corporate orders please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and potential discounts.
If you require any further details about our New Engraved LEGO Products please feel free to let us know, or if you have any further suggestions on what you would like us to stock drop us an email and i will see what we can do.

Here is a full list of all Engraving products currently on offer:

1 by 4 Bricks and Brick Keyrings
1 by 6 Bricks and Brick Keyrings
2 by 4 Bricks and Brick Keyrings
2 by 6 Bricks and Brick Keyrings
2 Piece Keyrings that clip together to make a Heart
Boy and Girl Minifigures with 6 Different coloured Torso’s to choose from
Bauble with custom Engraved Minifigure inside
Birthday Boy and Girl cake toppers – 3 Custom Engraved Bricks
Santa with Engraved Merry Christmas plaque and custom Engraved bottom Brick
Bride and Groom LEGO Minifigures with Custom Engraved Torso’s and 2 Engraved Bricks

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