Illegal LEGO..

LEGO City Police, we’ve all heard of then, but have you heard of the LEGO design Police?

A friend just sent me these slides based on a presentation from a Master Builder:

I’m having a pang of guilt that I reckon I’ve used nearly all of these techniques in my builds at one time or another, especially these:

Apparently, using these techniques may damage your precious bricks and, more importantly, rule your MOCs out of being considered by the Ideas panel – although whether or not you want this anyways, with last month’s Jurassic Park Ideas fiasco  🙁

When I was a child, the main issue I had was attempting to create a circular fairground ride, or indeed, anything circular – it just wasn’t ‘legally’ possible with the pieces available at the time (or at least the ones I had in my collection). 

I used to have to bend or wedge bricks to get some semblance of a circle but these days, we have it easy  – premoulded pieces and lovely Technic supports.. and the luxury of the Bricks and Pieces section of to provide multiples of these in the colours required.

AFOLS like me may remember the old LEGO Spares department – take a look at these order forms from the 80’s – the Spares Dept, based in Wrexham

.. in those days we could only order a few choice pieces from a printed list, increasing to a couple of sheets at the back of an instruction booklet by the 90’s.   You certainly couldn’t order bulk or individual bricks ( and thus, most builds had a distinct multi-coloured appearance to them.

I’ll always remember nervously phoning the Spares department to order a bag of 10x (newly-invented) Technic half-pegs.. and then waiting the 28 days that was the norm – there was no Amazon Prime or premium delivery in those days!

We LEGOists have never had it so good J

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