LEGO Books

With the ever expanding range of LEGO Books being released thick and fast we have recently been updating the site with our latest additions.Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles and LEGO Minifigure Year by Year. We now have an ever growing range of LEGO books available and @ great prices too. We try our very best to bring the books to you at below rrp.

The LEGO Minifigure Year by Year visual history is currently on sale @ only £18.99. In my opinion this is the best LEGO book to be released to date! Containing 3 LEGO Minifigures in the front cover and displaying the whole collection of minifigures ever produced this is a must have for all LEGO enthusiasts. Going back to the original LEGO figure which were brick built and then moving onto the original minifigures which didn’t even have any printed detail on them, all the way up to the minifgs that are available now such as Chima and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With in depth details on the history of the minifgures that are pictured in the book you can truly discover the magical history of the little Minifigure. There are so many great Minifigs that have been created over time which i guess many people have never seen before! One of our friends, Adam from Brick Fanatics, even sent some of his own Minifigures down to DK headquarters for photos as they featured some of his personal collection.

Another new and popular book is the LEGO play book, this has over 500 build and play ideas from LEGO fans around the world, this is the perfect book for any LEGO fan no matter what age they are!n in the book!


Not only do you get brilliant ideas for quick builds, but you will also learn alot of new things that a simple set of bricks is capable of doing when you use your imagination. The LEGO Play Book is a must have for any LEGO fan especially if you’ve got children, it gives you a reason to play with their LEGO!

There are so many more fantatstic LEGO books available and they are just as inspiring as each other. Start or complete your LEGO book collection now. Experiment and Learn with new techniques and plenty of advice from world renowned LEGO builders.

LEGO books have proven to be extremely popular over time and the exclusive LEGO Minifigures that come inside the cover on some books just adds a little extra bonus to buying them. The building range of books help inspire younger LEGO users, such as my 7 year old son, and make their imagination grow by helping them understand different building techniques and ideas. We just hope that there are many more to come in the future as even us older LEGO users can always learn a new trick or 2!

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