Living The Dream

“So what does it feel like to buy $500,000 of LEGO a year?”

I can tell you it feels amazing.

To keep our customers happy and our stock fresh, i need to source £10000s of LEGO each month and it’s harder than you’d think!

Whilst our mainstay is new sets and figures from our wholesalers, we also have to track down the more interesting sets that make our collectors buzz.

Sometimes it’s simply taking the time to buy literally 50 single orders from certain chains, to source unique promotional items, other times situations involve a bit more audacity to negotiate bulk purchases of one-per-customer items!

We are sometimes approached by AFOLs who are streamlining their collections, or perish the thought, giving LEGO a rest for a while.. the latter really saddens me, as I sometimes feel like a butcher, chopping up their labours of love to sell on – but I’m upbeat about it, as I am giving a chance for others to complete their collections.

I also look for shops who are downsizing/burning off stock or non-LEGO shops who carry a bit of stock that has shelf-warmed for so long, it is long-retired.

The fun is in the detective work, planning for retiring sets, watching for upcoming trends and quickly jumping in the car on a specific day, to do a 200 mile road trip for one particular set!

My favourites are the foreign buying trips – visits to countries that get LEGO sets first (eg USA), or countries where they retire last (eg Russia), or ones who get releases in a different order to us (like Eastern Europe)..

Each trip brings different challenges, makes new friends and hopefully prepares for the next one to go more smoothly!

..and of course, I love the food. 🙂

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