Meet the gang!

Hi friends, you may have seen an email/fb post from me, Si or Martin so I thought I’d knock up a quick post to introduce us to you all – I’m Ray, one of Adam’s LEGO friends and now business-partner.

Adam and I first crossed paths 5-ish years ago, as we both were selling LEGO – but in different ways!

Adam was building this (excellent) site and I was predominantly an eBayer / Amazonian – sites Adam had little time for – so we could basically work together, buy jointly, but never step on each other’s customers, so to speak.

This continued, as we both grew in size (physically + in business, lol) – until I eventually needed to make a website to free myself from the chains of Amazon..
Adam was beginning to help me develop one when we both realised that this could, for the first time, pit us against each other.

So we did what men do in times of conflict… had a beer, and decided to make a plan.
By the time we had sobered up, we (and my uni friend Martin) were business partners!

Adam’s expertise is programming, Martin’s a Marketing graduate and I do my dream job.. buy LEGO for a living!

Si and Frannie joined us 18 months ago, bringing fresh eyes to the systems, social media and processes in the shop – so between us, we are your Dream Team 🙂

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