My precious…

We had a call from a collector yesterday, asking what rare or unique items we had for sale this week,  which led me to muse how different we all are..

As a child, I can vividly remember my ‘special’ LEGO pieces – the cute blue jack , unique to 1 particular Town set at the time, a few trans blue 1 stud discs and one of the new yellow spacemen with visor helmets.. 

I’ve no idea what other collectors were hoarding at that time, (as there was no Internet and I lived in a village, far from any LEGO clubs) but these treasures were kept in the special section of my LEGO box.

Years on, I’m seeing my little lad start to take an interest in ‘special’ pieces – a Sparkle baby , a dinosaur from a car boot sale and oddly, he’s got a little bag of trans-coloured 1 stud discs too – maybe its in the genes!

Its interesting watching adult collectors on forums discuss their collections, all so very different.. some with MASSIVE modular cities ; some with monochrome figs and others with tiny collections of microfigs and statuettes

.. and of course CMF minifigures!

Surrounded by LEGO, I’ve had to resort to something niche for my own collection – my prize figures are my prototypes and misprints..

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