News Round Up (24/06/19 – 30/06/19)

25/06/2019 –
Its Payday Eve!:
“To celebrate, theres 40%-off LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Mud Trooper Minifigure polybags..…/star-wars-lego-40300-h…/
.. and we’ve added a bunch more products to our Pocket Money Page!…/pocket-money-lego/
Keep watching – theres a LEGO Harry Potter competition coming sooooon!
#harrypotter #starwars #theminifigurestore

26/006/2019 –
LEGO Harry Potter Competition Time:
Harry Potter 2019 Wave 2 sets and minifigures are *finally* live on the site (after our original LEGO order had a nasty accident with a forklift)…/harry-potter-lego-mini…/.

PRIZES: We’ve 2 great prizes to start with, Stag Patronus minifigure and a Journey to Hogwarts Polybag.
If we get 200+ entries, i will add another, older, Potter prize too

RULES: Simply comment + tell us your favourite LEGO set of all time – a picture of it would be great!

WINNERS: All our friends who comment will be entered into a random draw, with the winners announced on Monday 1st July
Good Luck
#theminifigurestore #harrypotter #legoharrypotter #freecompetition

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