Pottering about…..

Until recently, I must have been nearly the only person in the UK who hadn’t read a Harry Potter book, nor seen a whole film.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against the lad, indeed, my son goes to the school in Cheadle Hulme that’s said to have inspired Hogwarts!

I guess the franchise hit the cinema/bookstores at the wrong time of my life – I was too grown up for it to appeal to me, and had no children with whom to share the magic.


I credit LEGO with rekindling my interest in ‘Potter’y though – some of the builds and minifigures intrigued me enough to actually watch a couple of the films – and now I’ve a 6-year-old to entertain, I expect I shall be starting the books soon too.

It made me think though – how many things do we miss by being ‘too old’ or young , or just bad timing?


Throughout my childhood, I always wanted a 12 volt LEGO train set

– but the best I could afford was the 4.5 volt version.

With my 1st real wages, I bought a bevy of track and accessories – this was kind of the set up I had

– but the moment had passed and it remains in my parent’s loft!  


Doctor Who was the same – I was too young for the old, scary Dr Who’s, but by the time the genre had been resurrected, I was at uni with many other things on mind!

Again, LEGO has brought me back to Dr Who too – with the Dimensions Level pack, I’ve once again been intrigued by it all and can’t wait to watch some episodes in a year or 2, when my lad is old enough to hide behind the sofa, like I did, without scarring him for life! 


LEGO Spider-Man came at the right time too – I like the 90’s Spidey film, but then the 2010’s reboot, with mostly the same storyline spoiled it for me and I left him hanging for a while.  Preparing for the LEGO releases of Far from Home / Homecoming films sparked my interest again, and I have to say, we have watched them both – I’ve even ordered some comics! 


Thank you LEGO 🙂

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