Engraved Products

One of the products that is becoming very popular in the LEGO world is personalised products. Here at The Minifigure Store, we specialise in a number of Engraved products including bricks and key rings, Minifigures and seasonal items.

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Engraved Bricks and Keyrings:-
Using the latest technology, no brick is too small and no Minifigure too complex. We use accurate tools and techniques to complete impressive engraving on key ring and brick products.

Engraved Minifigures:-
Minifigures are one of the most popular products that we are asked to engrave. Choose from any one of our products and we can expertly engrave your chosen name, date or message onto the surface for you. A truly memorable and treasured gift for the kids or even adults!

Engraved Seasonal items:-
What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a uniquely engraved Minifigure. We offer a number of different seasonal products for engraving. Simply browse our website and choose which figure you would like to purchase.

We offer a whole range of specialised engraved items, using almost any font in any way that you wish. For example, we can customise a bride and groom set or Star Wars themed set of Minifigures. Each piece can be customised with important dates, messages or names. The possibilities are endless on the types of engraving that you can choose.

The most popular products that we supply to customers is customised and engraved Minifigures. Select from a range of options and you can have a name and/or message engraved to truly personalise your gift.

We have the skills and expertise to carry out the engraving for your products and we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality engraved items. If you have a specific engraving request and you’re not sure whether it’s something we could do, simply contact our team and we will be happy to help!