LEGO Animals

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LEGO animals have recently become hugely popular amongst the LEGO community. First introduced into LEGO sets way back in a 1983 Fabuland set called Paulette Poodle’s Living room, they’ve come a very long way! These cute little animals can be displayed on their own or in any of your builds. With prices from as little as £0.50 per animal you can buy plenty to fill out your MOC’s. Ranging from rats and bats to butterflies and bunnies, there is something for everyone.

With around 100 different LEGO animals in stock at anyone time you can be sure that you'll not be waiting long to be partnered with your new pet/s, just don't forget their food! All of our animals are official LEGO items taken from LEGO sets just like we do with our Minifigures to ensure that you only receive brand new items and the service you expect every time you place an order.