Frozen Disney Princess

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Frozen mania took hold after its release in 2013. With Elsa, Olaf and the gang, Frozen LEGO is one of the must have items for kids and even grown-ups! Enjoy the movie over and over again and bring the characters home where the kids can enjoy hours of fun with Olaf, Elsa and Anna which make up the Licensed LEGO Minifigures range.

Alternatively you can purchase each of the Frozen Minifigures if you are a LEGO collector or enthusiast!

Elsa is the main character in the Frozen movie. The older sister of Princess Anna and the ruler of Arendelle with extraordinary powers over ice and snow which have enabled her to become known as the famous snow queen!

Olaf is a friendly Snowman who lives in the mountains of Arendelle. His ability to disassemble himself in unfortunate situations makes this a memorable and funny character. A lovable character, your Frozen LEGO Minifigure collection is not complete without the unforgettable snowman Olaf.

Our Licensed LEGO Minifigure collection includes Princess Anna, Elsa and of course Olaf the snowman. Embark on your very own Frozen adventure with our three Minifigures which look exactly like the characters from the well-liked movie.

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