The LEGO Movie

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The LEGO Movie was certainly a box office hit and now you can bring the characters home with your very own LEGO Movie Minifigure collection. With a number of different Minifigures to collect why not start your own LEGO movie adventure with The Minifigure Store?

If you are purchasing the LEGO Movie Minifigures as a gift and you’re not really sure about the characters in the series, some of the popular characters include;

Batman – The caped crusader appeared in The LEGO Movie and is one of the most popular Minifigs in the LEGO Movie theme.

Benny the 1980s Classic Space Guy – Originally released in 1984, his appearance is rather worn and tired as he is a particularly old Minifigure. The chest logo on the Minifig has been slightly erased and the helmet is cracked which is thought to have caused oxygen to seep out of his suit, causing disastrous consequences for his brain! Subsequently, Benny has a very short memory span although he doesn’t forget anything to do with spaceships!

Emmet - Master Builder Emmet is available in a total of eleven varieties including a hard hat, poncho, pyjamas and robot disguise.

Ghost Vitruvius – Once tasked with guarding the Kragle from Lord Business, a mission which disastrously failed, Ghost Vitruvius lost his sight and was later decapitated by Lord Business – with a penny! Emmet attached a battery to Vitruvius who then returned as a ghost to guide Emmet in his crusade.

President Business – Head of the famous Octan Corporation who is insistent that everyone follows his rules. Secretly the evil Lord Business, will the other LEGO Minifigures be able to foil his scheme before it’s too late?

Sad Kitty – Originally from the land of Cloud Cuckoo which is the capital of rainbows and fluffy puppies, Sad Kitty is a half anime kitten, half unicorn.

The Minifigure Store supply a whole range of characters from the ever popular LEGO Movie. We have worked extremely hard to source the characters from the movie but if you can’t find the one that you are looking for, contact our friendly team and they will be happy to help.