LEGO Minifigures Series 8

LEGO® released the Series 8 Minifigures in September 2012. With the addition great new Minifigure parts such as the Alien Villainess’s head configuration, the Divers mask and the Cowgirl’s Lasso. With another femal Minifigures released the collections were now becoming more diverse, not only due to the female Minifigures but also due to the accessories. Consisting of the following 16 new LEGO® Minifigures: The Thespian, Lederhosen Guy, Conquistador, Cowgirl, Diver, DJ, Evil Robot, Alien Villainess, Fairy, Football Player, Pirate Captain, Red Cheerleader, Santa, Downhill Skier, Businessman and Vampire Bat. With Series 8 being the released as the last series within 2012 they still proved to be extremely popular at christmas time, especially Santa!

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