I was an AFOL before it was a ‘thing’..
At 19, in 1998, it just wasnt ‘cool’ to ‘play with’ LEGO.

My interest in LEGO had waned throughout my teens, it playing second fiddle to LaserQuest and latterly beer and dating.

But it was a chance sighting of a very early website at university that rekindled my enduring love of The Brick.

The site in question doesn’t exist any more, but it featured a LEGO rollercoaster similar to this one…

It took inspiration from an old LEGO Ideas book..

– with 4.5v rails mounted differently, to form slopes etc..
..and so I began.

I wish I had pictures of my coaster – I’m sure somewhere I have some, as my dad bought me some film (!) for my camera, to capture the beast in all its glory 🙂

The chain-driven drag-lift, the magnets used to dock the cars with the lift, the banked corners made LEGO-illegally by forcing the rails into slightly-too-tight angles – were all made without the use of these lovely special coaster pieces we have nowadays.
Two cars could run simultaneously, endlessly looping.. it was a work of art, in my eyes at least.

Then it needed a ride next to it..

(I built my own Mixer, fully working + collapsible to allow it to be mobile – not unlike )

..another ride inside it – an Enterprise-type ride
– like

..and a stall or 2 around it all.. almost all the fairground we’ve seen released this season, was on my Theme Park.. in 1999!

..and that’s what restarted my love affair with LEGO 🙂

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