Ross Noble Visits Bright Bricks

While flicking through the Channels last night I seen Ross Noble freewheeling on, I thought i would give it a watch and Guess what, he got a tweet asking him to visit a professional LEGO building company. The first thing that came to my head was Bright Bricks and then a smile came upon my face!

To my amazement it was actually Duncan (from Bright Bricks) actually sent the tweet. Once Ross Noble arrived he asked for them to build a LEGO Miniland version of himself for him then to add to Miniland @ LEGOLAND Windsor! After a quick scout through there draws to find the right LEGO components they had created Ross with his Motorbike. (How cool would it be to have yourself created by Bright Bricks!)

After a quick Thank you off Ross went on a ride down to LEGOLAND Windsor where he stepped over onto Miniland, something which i personally and i guess many others have wished they could do for a long time! After messing about with the positioning of his Miniland figure and motorbike he decided on a final location underneath the Angel of The North.

I wonder whether it will still be there the next time that me and the family visit or whether it will be removed by then? If anybody goes and can get a picture of this for us please email it to us and we will repay the favour for you 😉

If you would like to watch this episode the link is attached below, skip to 31:01 to start viewing from the LEGO part or just watch the whole show as after all it is a brilliant show. Unfortunately the last one in the series but fingers crossed there will be a new series!

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