Snotty Spheres

Si’s great Youtube Video on our Facebook page with the guys dropping a HUGE LEGO sphere onto a trampoline made me think about..

.. the age old question of how to make something round out of something brick-shaped?

Egyptians, Romans and alike all struggled with this and came up with their own solutions.

I made many a lop-sided squashed shape in my attempts to get something similar to a circle throughout my childhood, until a helpful LEGO ideas book showed me a couple of templates for making a circle – something similar to these below..

All the different sized steps seemed to make no sense, but when I built them, I finally had my circle!

Then there’s the sphere that LEGO themselves use, based upon extrapolating the images above, in 3 dimensions, but leaving studs exposed under the build – it looks good from most angles, but it’s not great for tossing about.

Finally, Mr Lowell came along with a total game-changer – a sphere based on 6x identical curved sections, attached in such a way that the Studs are Not On Top (SNOT).

LEGO themselves started using this technique and its pretty much become the standard for their show-pieces..

Although I love this new take on it – maybe they’ve taken a few techniques from the amazing contours of the life-sized LEGO Bugatti model from this one?

This is my favourite though – what do you think?

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