Some practical advice on how keep your little bricks clean…

There are hundreds if not thousands of online videos and articles filled with different ideas and solutions to clean and restore your favourite LEGO pieces.
So whether you’re a parent trying to remove the sticky unidentified crust off your LEGO stash or a collector who wants to maintain a spotless display we found a few handy tips to help you on your way.

Official LEGO Advice
LEGO say that you should only wash your LEGO pieces by hand using water no hotter than 40˚ with a soft cloth or sponge and a mild detergent. Rinse them well after cleaning and air dry.
LEGO say that heat can effect the shape of the pieces which in turn will make them useless.

Paint/Make up Brushes, Vacuum Straws/Cleaners
Mainly used for cleaning existing sets, a mix of brushes can be useful. The smaller brushes are a great way to get into all the small nooks and crannies and parts that a vacuum cleaner can’t.
Vacuum straws are a handy and useful attachment for bigger sets, depending on the amount of dust there is, although the straws can block quite easily.
A cheaper alternative is to use pair of old tights over the end of a hoover attachment, secured with an elastic band or hair bobble, this stops any of the smaller pieces getting sucked inside the vacuum cleaner!

Compressed Air Dust Cans
Originally intended for cleaning computer keyboards, these hand held cans can be great at cleaning smaller sets and getting into little corners without taking your pieces apart.
They maybe called ‘compressed air’ cans but they contain a mix of chemicals, so they need to be used with caution and by an adult.

Washing Machine, Dishwasher
If you have managed to grab yourself a bargain from a car boot sale, charity shop or eBay and you want to clean lots of pieces of LEGO in a short amount as time as possible, this is the quickest and easiest way.
Place the pieces in a laundry bag, then again in a pillow case, fasten with a hair bobble and add to the washing machine. Add some towels to minimise the the pieces scratching each other.
Use a mild washing powder, reduce the spin and remember the washing cycle must always be below 40˚.
Once they are finished lay them all out on dry towels to air dry.
The same applies to the dishwasher, always on the top shelf and in a laundry bag on the lowest setting, below 40˚ and with a small amount of mild detergent.
Don’t leave them to dry in the dishwasher with the heat and steam, remove them and lay them out to air dry.

Restore sun damaged/yellow bricks
Older white LEGO pieces tend to turn yellow due to a chemical reaction that takes place when they are exposed to UV light. There is a way to reverse the colouring with a mix of 3 % peroxide solution and UV light. It can take days, but it really is minimal effort for the results.
A great video from JANGBRICKS with step by step instructions.
Retr0bright was initially used to remove yellowing from old computer keyboards and cases. It is similar to the previous mixture but includes an oxi cleaner added to the peroxide solution, which seems to speed up the process.
Please take care and remember to make sure that you always read the manufacturers advice before using any products to clean your LEGO pieces.

I hope some of these tips help! If you have any other ideas or tips, share them with us.

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