Too old for LEGO?….think again..

Since we have all been hurled into these uncertain times, you may well be finding yourself, like me, searching for a sense of normality.
The desire to find a much-needed feeling of security has us longing back to when days were more simple and life was less complicated. There has been an increase in adults re-reading children’s stories and re-visiting childhood crafts in an effort to spark their imagination and what better way to go than down the brick road to – you guessed it – LEGO!

Not just a tiny piece of plastic to get wedged into your toes, or something to be surgically removed from your youngest child’s nose, LEGO has once again proved its worth and has reignited the inner child in us all.
One of the first things to be resurrected in our home during lockdown was the infamous tub of mixed LEGO that we have accumulated over many years – combined with sticky bits of food, missing parts of furniture and board games that we have long since forgotten about!
The huge tub, which once had pride of place before electronics came in and took over my boys’ lives, has well and truly shown its worth yet again.
We have a mix of instruction followers and imaginators in our house, but since lockdown we are all on the way to reviving a long lost birthday present, an old favourite – set 75055 the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer!

Yes, I can hear LEGO aficionados everywhere wincing and screaming in horror that ours has been built, dropped, smashed, taken apart and sat in the tub for the past four years……
While I apologise for this unreservedly, we have accepted the challenge as a family to use the force and restore it to its former glory……its finally time to do the set some justice!

Its been a steady challenge so far and still remains a work in progress which, to be fair, could outlast the full lockdown – especially accounting for the little interruptions that we keep experiencing, while we build a few of our own helicopters, cars and ships in between!

But that’s surely the beauty of LEGO – time and time again, re-use re-build – it has the ability to keep us all included in its magic, collectors and amateurs alike. While sales of new LEGO have increased ten-fold during this time, it is only part of the LEGO attraction. The re-builds and self-made projects are endless and are only as limited as your imagination.

We’d love you to send in some pictures of your LEGO re-builds or LEGO chaos that has happened over the last few weeks and hopefully we can inspire some more LEGO old timers like myself or even bring back some of our children, lost to electronics! (Pictures can be sent to

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Stay at home and keep safe!

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